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Get Relief from Sciatica in Ventura County, CA

Dr. Dooman and the staff at Camarillo Spine & Nerve Institute have helped countless patients in Ventura County, CA with their back pain. Our expertise encompasses the diagnosis and treatment of many different conditions, whether they be a result of trauma, degeneration, lifestyle, or aging. Spine and disc conditions can cause pain, mobility issues, and other problems from people of all ages, and the symptoms aren’t always restricted to the back. Some conditions, such as sciatica, can cause pain, tingling, and other sensations in the extremities, including the legs and buttocks. At our office, we use nonsurgical, all-natural treatment methods to provide relief from the pain and symptoms of spine and disc issues, as well as help you heal and recover. Our goal is to alleviate your pain and suffering quickly to avoid unnecessary periods of discomfort, and we strive to provide long-term solutions that allow you to return to your normal, active daily life. For patients with sciatica, we offer treatment that helps to resolve the spinal conditions causing your pain.

Sciatica Treatment in Ventura County, CA

Sciatica: A Common Spinal Condition

When your sciatic becomes irritated, it produces tingling, numbness, or pain in your legs or buttocks, and this is the condition known as sciatica. You have multiple nerve roots that extend from both sides of your spinal cord just above your tailbone (the sacral area), and these nerve roots join together to form your sciatic nerve. This nerve only exists as it travels down your buttocks, and then it branches out into various nerves down your leg, extending all the way to your foot and ankle. Bulging, herniated, or degenerated discs are the primary cause of sciatica. These spinal conditions put pressure on your nerve roots and inflict pain and other symptoms. Other causes for sciatica include nerves being compressed due to injury, as well as bony growths on your spine known as bone spurs. Other rare cases that irritate the sciatic nerve include pregnancy, tumors, and piriformis syndrome. Camarillo Spine & Nerve Institute uses safe and effective treatment methods like nonsurgical spinal decompression to help rectify the condition that’s irritating your sciatic nerve. We emphasize the value of less invasive forms of therapy in treating cases of spine and disc issues.

Our Spine & Disc Specialists are Ready to Help You

Relief from your sciatic discomfort is within easy reach when you contact Camarillo Spine & Nerve Institute for treatment. Our staff has specialized training to accurately diagnose the cause of your pain and other symptoms so that we can apply the most appropriate treatment option. We also offer a free initial consultation, so don’t hesitate to get professional care and relief for your sciatica.

Get Quick Relief for Your Spine & Disc Conditions