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Premier Back Pain Treatment in Camarillo, CA

The Camarillo Spine & Nerve Institute is devoted to providing patients throughout Camarillo, CA with premier back pain treatment services and management options. Our practice and practitioners are committed to the overall health and wellbeing of our beloved patients. No one should live in pain, which is why we ensure we conduct thorough evaluations when you visit our state-of-the-art facility. We evaluate the entire body to diagnose any disruptions of the spine or discs. With our proven approach, we hope to expedite patient recovery and improve their quality of life. When you Google “back pain treatment near me” and are bombarded with options, we hope you’ll choose Camarillo Spine & Nerve Institute.

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Why Do I Have Back Pain?

There is a wide range of reasons why people start experiencing back pain. Back pain can consist of lower back pain, upper back pain, and even middle back pain. Typically, back pain directly results from problems with the muscles, ligaments, tendons, discs, or bones that make up the back. Nerve problems, degenerative disc disease, arthritis, strain, poor posture, and certain medical conditions can also result in back pain. Back pain can manifest as a muscle ache or even a shooting, burning, or stabbing sensation.

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The Types of Back Pain

  • Axial Pain: This type of back pain is confined to a specific spot or region and can be described in various ways, from sharp to dull and constant to infrequent. Muscle strains are common causes of this type of back pain.
  • Referred Pain: This type of back pain moves around and presents itself in varying intensities. It is often referred to as dully or achy pain. For example, degenerative disc disease can cause referred pain in the hips or posterior thighs.
  • Radicular Pain: This type of back pain can be caused by degeneration of the disc and the pinching of one or more nerve roots. Patients with radicular pain will often experience sharp, shooting pain that follows the path of the spinal nerve into one or both legs. This pain is typically brought on by inflammation of the spinal nerve root.

The Most Common Type of Back Pain

The most common type of back pain is non-specific muscular pain, which is essentially a muscle strain. Intense low back pain can be an indicator. Non-specific muscular pain can also be caused by an unexpected movement or fall, lifting, twisting, or stretching. For back pain treatment, get in touch with Camarillo Spine & Nerve Institute at your earliest convenience. We offer numerous treatment options for lower back pain relief and would be happy to assist you.

The Risks of Untreated Back Pain

The risks of untreated back pain include chronic back pain, spinal injury, poor sleep, depression, loss of mobility, muscle fatigue, changes in the brain, loss of work due to disability, nerve damage, weight gain, insomnia, and much more. Leaving your back pain untreated will only ensure that your quality of life isn’t as optimal as it could be with chronic back pain treatment. At Camarillo Spine & Nerve Institute, we can help you find back pain relief. With exercises for lower back pain, lower back pain stretches, we can help. We can even guide you in how to facilitate back pain treatment at home. Find the joy in life again with chronic lower back pain treatment at our premier facility in Camarillo, CA.

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When Should I Consult a Doctor?

It can sometimes be challenging to determine whether your back simply aches or if it might be something more. If you’re wondering when you should consult a doctor regarding your back pain, here are some indicators of when it’s time to give a doctor a call:

  • Persistent pain lasting more than a couple of weeks
  • Severe pain that isn’t improving with rest
  • Unexplained or accompanying fever
  • If you’ve experienced recent trauma, such as a car accident
  • Pain that extends into one or both legs
  • Numbness or tingling in the back or legs
  • Unexplained or accompanying weight loss
  • Medical history of cancer or a suppressed immune system
  • Unexplained or accompanying bowel or bladder problems

How Our Doctors Will Treat You

From upper back pain treatment to severe back pain treatment, we offer it all. The professional team at Camarillo Spine & Nerve Institute has been performing spinal decompression procedures for over 10 years, so you can rest assured you are in qualified and capable hands at our practice. We incorporate spinal decompression with other treatments and procedures to produce the best results for our patients. We do not simply get rid of your back pain; we restore functions and address the root cause of your pain to ensure a thorough healing process.

Contact Camarillo Spine & Nerve Institute Today

When you visit Camarillo Spine & Nerve Institute in Camarillo, CA, you’ll be able to relax in our spa-like facility. You might not even realize you’re in a physician’s office. We strive to ensure that our facility is a relaxing and comfortable environment for our beloved patients. If you’re suffering from back pain, don’t let it go on any longer. Contact us today for premier back pain treatment services.

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