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Our Reviews

All of our customers come from referrals, and we treat them all like our family members. Below are what a few of our happy members wanted to say about their experience at the Camarillo Spine and Nerve Institute.

I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart with tremendous gratitude and appreciation for your excellent professionalism in restoring my health. You are without a doubt the greatest and most talented and caring Physician I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I am now as you promised – completely pain free. I can now work on restoring my depleted muscles and begin to enjoy my life again with new found pleasure. An experience I had given up for the rest of my life because of low back pain. I will forever be remembering how bad my life was and how you changed it for me, thank you so much!

Clinton B. , Ojai, CA

Hello, I would like to tell you about my great experience with the Camarillo Spine & Nerve Institute. I came to Dr. Dooman with extreme lower back and leg pain. Dr. Dooman evaluated my spinal condition and assured me he could help me. I noticed a big improvement in my pain level and mobility. By the end of my treatment my pain was gone and I was back to doing the things I love including hiking, biking and most of all, participating in family activities. I want to thank Dr. Dooman and his staff for helping me regain my quality of life.

Keith G. , Oxnard, CA

Over a decade ago I was involved in a fall and a car accident which affected my lower back and neck. After seeing 7 chiropractors with limited results, I finally found Dr. Dooman. He addressed the root of the problem and used the decompression and Gonstead methods to correct the troubled areas. The results were miraculous. The tightness in my neck was relieved and my energy level and oxygen have greatly improved. All this was done without surgery. I was unaware of the Gonstead method (full spinal X-rays to pinpoint the root of the problem). This method is precise, exact, and it works. Dr. Dooman’s staff is professional, friendly, caring, and they make a great team. Don’t delay see Dr. Dooman today. You’ll be happy you did!

Yvvone G. , Camarillo

Let me just say this: If your back hurts, go see Dr. Dooman. No, really. I read his full-page newspaper ad and decided to give him a call. The ad seemed to make a lot of sense in regards to the cause of back pain and how he could help reduce/relieve it. After the first free consultation, I felt pretty confident that he could help me. Now just let me tell you that I have had a bad back for 27 years. I hurt it playing basketball when I was 30 and have been to a handful of chiropractors over the years. But here is the difference: none of them took the time and explained how their procedures would provide more long-lasting relief (and fix my back) like Dr. Dooman. His knowledge of the human anatomy and how everything is interconnected far exceeds that of most chiropractors, and he really cares about his patients. And please take/make the time to sit in on one of Dr. Dooman’s unique evening seminars. They are terrific. Anyway, I had the decompression and my back feels so much better now. I now can play golf with little or no pain.

Bart H. , Moorpark, CA

My experience with Dr. Dooman has been very positive. I have suffered for many years with neck aches from a whiplash injury. The treatment I have received stabilized my neck and made it possible for me to be pain-free.

S.B. , Ventura, CA

As I never read or for that matter believe almost all advertisements I see in the paper, it was obviously meant to be that I saw your ad and actually read it. I spoke with my daughter and we decided that since I had been in pain for more years than I could remember it was worth a try to see what you had to offer. You told me from our initial meeting after I told you about my history and pain, you thought you could help me. My daughter and I left still very skeptical. I had been told for years that nothing could be done for me short of surgery and even that was not a viable option.
My first treatment went well and was a really interesting experience. I came in for a second treatment and could not get over the fact that I already felt better. I want to let anyone who has suffered from back pain to know that regardless of what other Chiropractors have told you, regardless of what medical experts have told you, this WORKS! Give yourself a chance, its a few minutes out of your life for a consultation. It could change your ability to live a pain-free life. There are really no words to tell you the difference you have made in my quality of life. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

F rances J. , CA

It is a pleasure to write this testimonial for Dr. Dooman and the Camarillo Spine and Nerve Institute. I recently suffered a 14mm herniated disc at my L5 vertebrae that were pinching my sciatic nerve and was so painful that I could not stand more than a minute or two at a time and could not work. Thanks to Dr. Dooman’s extensive knowledge and experience with disc injuries I was diagnosed quickly and an immediate treatment program was implemented even before my MRI results. My general practitioner did not get back to me until three weeks after my MRI was taken and subsequently suggested immediate surgery. By then though thanks to Dr. Dooman and his decompression table I was already walking and on the road to recovery. As it turned out I was back to work a week later. Thank you Dr. Dooman for sparing me the displeasure of surgery and getting me back on my feet and back to work so promptly. My family and I are glad we found you and will always be your loyal patients.

Jeff D. , CA

For years I’ve had lower back pain. It’s always come and gone-it’s done nothing except get worse and worse. This past year I’ve gone through an extreme amount of low back pain. My physician kept telling me it was due to “old age” and had no way of fixing it, only to give me strong doses of powerful medications to reduce the pain. He told me not to drive long distances, walk a lot, and keep living life.” (Basically, telling me to live with the pain.) I was eventually referred to a pain specialist who gave me various pain shots which were not only painful but almost seemed to make it worse! I kept going back to my physician, who kept insisting that there was no nerve damage if I didn’t feel any “tingling” sensations down my legs. I tried physical therapy which did nothing but aggravate my back even more. I finally heard of Dr. Dooman and was skeptical at first because he told me he could help my pain go away and fix my back. He sat me and my wife down to explain what was wrong and what he would do to help me. I felt comfortable with him and decided to try something different. Finally, I feel like I’m on the road to recovery!

J.S. , Oxnard, CA

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