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Practicing since 1994

Dr. Edmond Dooman has been in practice since 1994. He is a firm believer in the benefits of the innovative Gonstead Protocol Decompression developed by the Camarillo Spine and Nerve Institute, saving his patients from spinal surgery and restoring health and function to their lives.

When Dr. Edmond Dooman was seven years old his mother, a Registered Nurse, hurt her back to the extent that she was bedridden for months at a time. Seeing his mom in pain as a kid had a big impact on Dr. Dooman, and when he was fourteen years old his uncle took his mom to see a Chiropractor. The Chiropractor treated her on a handful of occasions and she got much better, she was no longer bedridden and was able to partake in the daily life enjoyments with her son. She was so moved by her experience she told Dr. Dooman he should become a Chiropractor. This was a powerful lesson that stayed with Dr. Dooman throughout his life.

Dr. Edmond Dooman, D.C. at Camarillo Spine & Nerve Institute

Learning About the Gonstead Method

While there were other professions that drew some interest from being a medical doctor to an astronaut, he always came back to his mother’s words and the chiropractic profession. Being the type of personality that gets very focused, once he made his decision it was a linear path to find the right method he felt confident in practice.

Having been influenced by growing up with a father who was an engineer piqued Dr. Dooman’s interest in the Gonstead Method and he never looked back. Dr. Dooman took all the classes and seminars available and even attending an annual seminar that he still attends to this day.

The Best Camarillo Chiropractor

Needless to say, learning about the Gonstead Method was a real turning point in his education:

“I found Gonstead and they had it figured out to the last degree, things you can measure and see the results. I heard stories about Dr. Gonstead and how he would get people out of wheelchairs, unbelievable stories. It all stems from a desire to help people, to help people who become crippled and ended up in nursing homes believing there is no hope and turning it around for them as the Chiropractor did with my mother, offering them all the opportunities they need.”

– Dr. Edmond Dooman

Dr. Dooman is described by his patients as being “The Best Camarillo Chiropractor” specializing in the following areas: bulging disc, herniated disc, sciatica pain, neuropathy, pinched nerve, back pain, and headaches.

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