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Most Vulnerable and Complex Part

The Central Nervous System is tied to every part of our body. If we are able to do something, we have our Central Nervous System to thank. Our nervous system is the most vulnerable and complex part of our body. It depends on a healthy spine and joints to efficiently support and maintain the functions of our body parts and organs, which directly affect our immune system responsible for our health and our general well-being.

Our spine acts as a superhighway to our nervous system. It carries and protects our spinal cord during any movement while supporting our weight plus any other object we carry at all times.

Central Nervous System

Central Nervous System

What does the Central Nervous System have to do with my sore back?


What does the Central Nervous System have to do with my sleeplessness?


What does the Central Nervous System have to do with my acid reflux?


Vertebral Subluxation

A vertebral subluxation is the most direct result of many distresses that our spinal column sustains starting at birth during delivery throughout the rest of our personal and professional activities in life, causing irritation, pain, discomfort, dysfunction, neuropathy, degenerative disc disease, and many other associated conditions.

The proper adjustment of a vertebral subluxation leads to relief from pain and discomfort followed by the reduction of inflammation, preventing further damage to our joints, soft tissues, and body posture.

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